Nach 2022 1l Nestarec

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Light cloudy ruby colour with a pink rim, pleasant and delicate fruity aroma of cherries and plums, it is more pleasant after a while, it needs to develop. The taste is of cherry, pins. Higher acidity, lighter body, short aftertaste. Table wine but very drinkable, needs food. Have pasta with tomatoes and cheese.
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Wine specification

Country Czech Republic Wine (sub)region Velkopavlovicko
Type Red wines Variety Cuvée red
Track Slovenské Vintage 2022
Characteristics light and fruity Sugar content Dry
Alcohol 12,5 % Residual sugar < 1,0 g/l
Acids 5,7 g/l Sulphites without added SO2
Filtering No Fermentation Spontaneous
Aged in a barrel No Serving temperature 12-14 °C
Decanting No Archiving 3 years
Bio No Demeter No
Natural Yes Vegan Yes, without certification
Closure Crown Volume 1 l
In carton 12

A blend of rustic Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch and Zweigeltrebe, which adds fruitiness and a certain spiciness to the wine. A versatile red wine.

Pairs well with: summer barbecues, winter fireside gatherings, pasta with tomatoes and cheese.

What does Milan Nestarec himself say about the wine?

Serving some bright acid Moravian red realness.

I'm very fond of the reds from Jura - they're a bit underrated and minor compared to the renowned whites. Same story as with Moravia. Although with us it was perhaps more about self-awareness - how many times have you heard "we can't make red wines in Moravia, there's no sun here for that, etc." At which I always had a knife in my pocket because we have a treasure here - light, fun reds with acid. All we have to do is stop looking longingly south or to Chile and we have a bright future ahead of us. Of course, I say that with complete bias - I'm addicted to our local reds. The kind of typical peasant stuff they used to drink here before the barrique barrels, acid degradation, smoothness, tannins and other crap that obscures the character of the place. But I wanted to bring back the glory of the juicy Moravian red. The normal wine that grows here. So, Nach. Derived from the Old Czech name for the colour that this coupling of my favourite Frankovka with a little Zweigl and Pinot Noir from the Slovakian vineyard has. Aged in large neutral oak barrels, bottled in the portion we're used to here (a litre) and under screwcap.

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