What is a minimagnum? A great description is from Milan Nestarc: "I remember from my childhood that the word "másnica" used to be used to describe a wine bottle. It wasn't until I was a big boy that I discovered that it was a derivative of the word Máz (and the German Mass), which is a unit of volume of about 1 litre. Which was the daily allowance of wine for a man working in the fields (and setting up his wine with water). That's why we bottle in butter churns. But the term "minimagnum" isn't a throwaway either - thanks, my motreal friends." So just to summarise: a minimagnum is the size of a 1 litre bottle.

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Okr 2021 1l Nestarec
16.09 € with VAT On stock
Běl 2021 1l Nestarec
13.81 € with VAT On stock
Nach 2021 1l Nestarec
13.81 € with VAT On stock
Grüner Veltliner 2021 1l Pratsch BIO
9.74 € with VAT On stock
Růž 2021 1l Nestarec
13.40 € with VAT On stock

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