About us

About us

Purpose and joy of work. This is what binds the Organic wines team together.

We have a passion for organic wines. We love to choose them, we love to drink them and we love to sell them. Wine simply brings us pleasure alongside its strong cultural elements. It is our passion - especially the organic wine. Our goal is to provide you with a healthier and more natural concept and, of course, the quality of the wine. We believe that organic wines not only have less harm to your body in this era of chemicals and pesticides, but are also much more environmentally friendly. If you have any allergies to wine, organic wines may be a good solution for you. Some of the organic wines we offer are completely unsulfurated. If you're not craving a little hangover, raise your hand!

If you are one of those people who care about the environment, the planet or animals - vegan wines are right up your alley. Organic wines offer you the pure taste of nature. It sounds like too much luxury, but it is essential nowadays to enjoy the true essence and taste of a good wine. Less is sometimes more. Let's get involved and help organic winemakers create a better world for us and our children. We select the finest organic wines from the Czech Republic, Europe and marginally from the New World and provide them to you at fair prices, often the same as you would buy directly from the winemaker in the cellar.

It's great that there are more and more people around us who like, buy and thus support organic products. Organic winemakers are returning to traditional, time-honoured practices when growing grapes and making wine. They grow their grapes in an ecologically clean environment and, most importantly, their activities do not contribute to the pollution of our waters. Clean water is essential, because the grapes absorb it and we drink it. The grapes are harvested by hand. Thanks to the quality of the grapes, there is little or no sulphur in the finished wine and you don't get a headache in the morning (after reasonable consumption, of course). The flavour of organic wines is as varied, rich and colourful as the nature from which the wines come, and thanks to the careful production methods, the wine retains these qualities. Here, you can indeed drink to your health!

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