Saperavi 3 Qvevri Terraces semi-sweet 2020 Papari Valley BIO

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A completely opaque dark purple colour approaching black will stain the entire glass when you swirl the wine in it, creating purple wine tears. The powerful viscosity of the wine. The wine has a powerful black fruit aroma. You can smell that the wine has higher alcohol in the aroma, but you certainly wouldn't guess 16% even with a sip. The high alcohol is masterfully incorporated in the wine. If you taste the wine by taking a fair sip and running it all through your mouth, you will certainly not be able to comment on the wine immediately, as you will hardly open your mouth despite the amount of tannin. However, the tannin is pleasant, sweet and already quite smooth despite the wine's youth. The taste is warm, fruity, medium acidity. The wine is balanced and memorable. If you are a fan of tannin and like sweeter reds, this will be the love of a lifetime for you. Have it with chocolate cake or hard cheese.
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Wine specification

Country Georgia Wine (sub)region Kachetie
Type Red wines Variety Other red varieties
Vintage 2020 Sugar content Semi-sweet
Alcohol 16 % Residual sugar 26,0 g/l
Acids 5,0 g/l Sulphites do 120 mg/l
Filtering No Fermentation Spontaneous
kvevri Yes Serving temperature 16 - 18 °C
Decanting Yes Archiving 5-8 years
Bio Yes Demeter No
Natural Yes Vegan Yes, without certification
Closure Cork Volume 0,75 l
In carton 6
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Like all Papari Valley wines, Semi Sweet is fermented spontaneously, aged in a five-tier Kvevri terrace system, unfined, unfiltered and bottled after minimal sulphur. More black than purple in the glass. Roasted chestnuts, cassis, black cherry on the nose, minty freshness on the palate, bright animal notes, almost meaty. Strong tannic structure and high acidity are kept at bay by residual sweetness. Amazingly wild!

Pairs well with: chocolate cake or hard cheese.

Grape variety: Saperavi

Saperavi is an ancient blue Georgian grape variety and in Georgian its name literally means "color, coloring". It has an unusually high colour content in the skin and flesh.

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