bio víno biodynamické víno naturální víno bez přidané síry vhodné pro vegany Tip PET-NAT Ancestrale Malvasia Brut Nature orange Lunaria BIO Demeter

PET-NAT Ancestrale Malvasia Brut Nature orange Lunaria BIO Demeter

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Pink-orange colour and fine pearling. The aroma is fresh, aromatic, with rose and grapefruit peel. The palate is juicy and fruity, dominated by citrus peel and grapefruit, a little almond. Light tannin and medium acidity. Quite dry. Leaves a good mouthfeel. You will like it if you like aromatic wines like tramin or pálava. It's great as an aperitif to get your taste buds in tune with food. If you just want something smaller, have a semi-hard cheese. No added sulphites.
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Wine specification

Country Italy Wine (sub)region Abruzzo
Type Sparkling wines Variety PET-NAT
Vintage 2021 Sugar content Dry
Alcohol 12,5 % Residual sugar 0,0 g/l
Sulphites without added SO2 Filtering No
Aged in a barrel No Serving temperature 6-8 °C
Decanting No Bio Yes
Demeter Yes Natural Yes
Vegan Yes Closure Cork
Volume 0,75 l In carton 6
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Malvasia has a rich and complex aroma: a wide range of flowers (acacia rose, freesia, lavender), fruits (peach, more or less ripe apricot, tropical fruits - citrus) and herbal notes. Lunaria Ancestral wines are 'living wines' (unfiltered and without added sulphites), which means that they evolve over time, both in terms of taste and aroma. This wine is also orange. PetNat, derived from the almost extinct French Petillant Naturel. A relatively rustic method of sparkling wine production in which the must is fermented with sugar and yeast directly in the bottle. There's always something wild about PetNat.

Pairs well with: ideal as an aperitif, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Grape variety: 100% Malvasia

The Malvasia variety has a unique story. It is named after the Greek city "Monemvasia", which means "Only one door" because the harbour citadel had only one access road. At the beginning of the 15th century, the Venetians took over the Peloponnese and began to import this wine. It eventually became the most important wine in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century.

Conté Giuseppe Di Rovasenda (1824-1913) in his "Essay on the Universality of Ampelography "states that, "For me only these fragrant grapes, which taste like sour Moscato, can be called Malvasia."

The best way to store a bottle is upright, with the lees settling at the bottom of the bottle. How this wine is served is a personal taste. It is usually poured slowly into the glass without any lees.

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