Cabernet PURIST 2019 Gustavshof BIO Demeter

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Drinking red from Germany? This is definitely a yes! A rich and healthy soil is crucial for wine as such. Warm weather ensures high alcohol (if we are talking about dry wines) and this in turn can sometimes diminish the appreciation of aromas or flavours. You will enjoy this Cabernet from Gustavshof if you are not looking for southern 'jammy wines' and like dry, complex wines that don't feel heavy. Don't underestimate decanting. Immediately after opening, the aroma and taste are weak. Only the gorgeous dark colour with a purple rim and the viscosity of the wine's tears are enticing. Pour a good portion of wine into the glass and forget about it for half an hour. Or decant for an hour. You'll regret every drop you drink before then. The aroma is dominated by cherries, the taste by berries. The wine has higher but very pleasant tannin, medium acidity and is quite dry. It leaves a varied and fresh mouthfeel. A great complement to a richer meal. Pair it with a spicy, grilled steak. No added sulphites.
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Wine specification

Country Germany Wine (sub)region Rheinhessen
Type Red wines Variety Other red varieties
Vintage 2019 Sugar content Dry
Alcohol 14,0 % Residual sugar 0,4 g/l
Acids 5,7 g/l Sulphites without added SO2
Filtering No Fermentation Spontaneous
Aged in a barrel Yes Serving temperature 18-20 °C
Decanting Recommended Archiving 5-10 years
Bio Yes Demeter Yes
Natural Yes Vegan Yes
Closure Cork Volume 0,75 l
In carton 6
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Purist is a natural red wine made from carefully selected Cabernet Cortis grapes of the finest quality. Intense aromas of cherry, black pepper, liquorice, dark chocolate, tobacco. Complex in the mouth, astringent, fine minerality, forest fruits. Ripe tannic structure. With sufficient contact with air (decanting is recommended), the wine opens up and becomes an ideal companion for hearty meals.

A fascinating red wine for all Cabernet fans!

Pairs well with: spicy dishes, grilled dishes, red and white meat, well-seasoned stews

Grape variety: Cabernet cortis

The grapes ripen at high temperatures in August and early September and are harvested at around 13,5 % natural alcohol. The vineyard for Purist is located in the large Leckerberg vineyard, which is farmed biodynamically. The soil here is easy to heat and rich in lime, which Cabernet Cortis loves. Only small, fully ripe grapes are used for the Purist.

The 2019 vintage is still very young and should breathe at least 1.5-2.5 hours before consumption, preferably decanted.

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