Forks and Knives WHITE 2020 Nestarec

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The colour is deep yellow, cloudy and as if bathed in sunlight. The aroma is spicy and grassy, later on it develops into grapefruit and peach, smelling it right after opening without tasting it is a bit strange. The wine is slightly effervescent, but after a while in the glass the effervescence disappears. Orange and apple on the palate. Lighter body, medium acidity. After tasting, the wine has a very drinkable expression and tempts you to take another sip. And if you forget it on the table and come back to it when it's a little oxidised and warm, it's a completely different wine. Balanced and very pleasant, refreshing and fresh. A little grapefruit and lemon in the aftertaste. Have a lentil salad with it.
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Wine specification

Country Czech Republic Wine (sub)region Velkopavlovicko
Type White wines Vintage 2020
Sugar content Dry Alcohol 11,0 %
Sulphites without added SO2 Filtering No
Aged in a barrel No Serving temperature 8-10 °C
Archiving 4 years Bio No
Demeter No Natural Yes
Vegan Yes, without certification Closure Crown
Volume 0,75 l In carton 6

Forks and knives. Wine for every day. White cuvée (Neuburg, Sauvignon, Tramin, Palava, Riesling).

Pairs well with: lentil salad

What does Milan Nestarec himself say about wine?

I've had this idea in my head for a really long time. I was really annoyed in 2012 with the fact that in the Czech Republic one eats first and then drinks wine, i.e. not together as it is common elsewhere. And most importantly - for my family wine is a food, a daily part of our diet. Not something extra that you open on Sunday after lunch and have a pint, as if we are celebrating. Not something that is unapproachable in character or unaffordable in price. And that's the kind of wine I want to make. For drinking, for dining, for everyone, every day. That's why Forks and Knives. With a label by Justine Saint-Lo, a French illustrator, sister of the great Loire winemaker Francois Saint-Lo and friend of my French distributor Fleur, whom I met, at the Cologne Wine Festival. It just kind of all came together, just the way I like it, back in 2014 when I did the first edition of "Forks".

Originally built as a one-off, now we're blending. Aged in large neutral barrels, 600 and 3000 litres. All under crown to preserve the vibrancy, and now back in clear bottles, because look at the colors. No added sulphur, unfined, unfiltered. Just normal.

Variety: Neuburg, Sauvignon, Tramin, Palava, Riesling from the Slovak and Babusak vineyards.

Some on the skins, some straight, each giving it their best shot and the result is an extremely drinkable white with just a hint of maceration, that "drooling lemon candy" acidity and a bit of apricot that won't let go.

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