Danger 380 Volts 2021 Nestarec

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Lemon yellow cloudy colour. Fresh aroma of pomelo and grapefruit. Delicate effervescence. Taste of fresh green apples, nectarines. A good blend of 3 varieties. The Neuburg gives the wine body, the Muller dilutes it to make it not heavy and the Muscat wraps it all up in flowers. Very fresh and drinkable pet-nat. Dry, higher refreshing acidity, alcohol like Prosecco, medium body. Excellent as an aperitif or a light meal as a paste.
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Wine specification

Country Czech Republic Wine (sub)region Velkopavlovicko
Type White wines Variety Cuvée white
Vintage 2021 Characteristics light and fresh
Sugar content Dry Alcohol 12,5 %
Residual sugar < 1,0 g/l Acids 5,6 g/l
Sulphites without added SO2 Filtering No
Fermentation Spontaneous Aged in a barrel No
Serving temperature 8-10 °C Decanting No
Archiving 4 years Bio No
Demeter No Natural Yes
Vegan Yes, without certification Closure Crown
Volume 0,75 l In carton 6

White dry cuvée from Neuburg, Müller thurgau, Muscat. In classic bottle with crown cap. The name already warns of the dangers of uncontrolled drinking of lightly sparkling wine like Pet-Nat.  

Pairs well with: aperitif or light meal, paste

What does Milan Nestarec himself say about the wine?

Warning! Dangerously drinkable. Approach at your own risk.

Our sparkling heartthrob, created out of a desire to preserve the youth and energy that wine has in the bottle during fermentation. My eternal theme of energy in wine - I almost wonder if I was an electrician in a past life.

First vintage 2016, zero 2012. That's when we bottled 5000 cases with too much residual sugar and the bottle warehouse became an ammunition depot as the bottles started to explode due to the pressure. Normal winemakers try things on 30 bottles, I try things on 5000. Or they get it analyzed beforehand. Njn. (My French distributor, Fleur, just remarked dryly at the time: don't you guys have labs?)

I breathed out the few hectoliters disappearing down the drain for a while, but the lesson worked, and when my wife and I first opened Experiment 2 in the spring of 2017, it was divine. A total life saver. The energy, we complimented it at the time. I'm not kidding, there was an electrical panel a few feet away from us at the time with that famous Danger 380V sign. And the name was out there, in a second. I don't call it pet-nat, because it's not the murky stuff that comes out if you don't refrigerate it. It's just a kind of electrifying lemonade with a few extra volts and bubbles.

Field blend (Sahara vineyard) Neuburg to give it balls and character, Muller for quantity because we need a lot of it (folks are thirsty and drink it themselves, see the warning on the bottle), and Muscat to make it play better.

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