Bordeaux Blanc Moelleux/sweet 2020 Château Rioublanc BIO

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The colour is bright gold. The aroma is very rich in fruit, mainly peaches, exotic fruits and citrus, combined with honey, flowers and a hint of noble mould. The aroma is in a pleasant balance between softness and freshness. Archiving is possible for up to 10 years. However, in its youth you will appreciate its lush fruitiness. Over the years, the fruitiness slowly calms down and complex notes emerge...
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Wine specification

Country France Wine (sub)region Bordeaux
Type White wines Variety Cuvée white
Vintage 2020 Sugar content Semi-sweet
Alcohol 13,5 % Residual sugar 29,0 g/l
Acids 3,68 g/l Sulphites 173 mg/l
Filtering yes Aged in a barrel No
Serving temperature 8-10 °C Decanting No
Archiving 5 years Bio Yes
Demeter No Vegan Yes, without certification
Closure Cork Volume 0,75 l
In carton 6

Pairs well with: foie gras, Roquefort and blue mould cheeses, sweet and salty Asian cuisine and savoury dishes.

Bordeaux AOC is a designation for wines that do not meet the requirements for a more specific designation of the region. Sweet white wines at this level may forgo the Bordeaux AOC designation and instead be designated as Bordeaux moelleux. These semi-sweet wines are produced by stopping fermentation at the required level of residual sugar and are not to be confused with the heavier liquoreux wines.

The complex sweetness of these multi-dimensional ambrosias is a gift from Botrytis cinerea, a fungus that concentrates grape flavors and sugars in the vineyard. In Moelleux, chilling, sulfur dioxide addition, sterile fermentation and even cryoextraction can be used to stop fermentation before the yeast consumes all the grape sugars.

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