Běl 2021 1l Nestarec

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A cloudy golden-yellow colour, a faint aroma that develops after opening. Aromas of citrus, apples. Lemon, green apple, a little salt. Mineral. Medium body, medium plus acidity, fresh. Have some mussels with it. The aftertaste is faint, fruity and pleasant. A very drinkable table wine with great quality and almost no sulphites.
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Wine specification

Country Czech Republic Wine (sub)region Velkopavlovicko
Type White wines Variety Cuvée white
Track Sahary a Slovenské Vintage 2021
Characteristics light and fruity Sugar content Dry
Alcohol 12,0 % Residual sugar < 1,0 g/l
Acids 6,3 g/l Sulphites do 10 mg/l
Filtering No Fermentation Spontaneous
Aged in a barrel No Serving temperature 10-12 °C
Archiving 3 years Bio No
Demeter No Natural Yes
Vegan Yes, without certification Closure Crown
Volume 1 l In carton 6

A blend of Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and Müller Thurgau. The grapes originate in Moravské Žižkov and Velké Bílovice. The raw material was harvested together. Fermentation and maturation took place in stainless steel for eight months. Unsulphurised. Not clarified. Unfiltered. Any lees or sediment is not a defect of the wine, but a natural characteristic! A wine suitable for every day, ideal for sipping in bulk. The bottle is 1 litre!

Pairs well with: mussels

And what does Milan Nestarec himself say about the wine?

For that moment when magnum feels a tad too decadent but a regular 750 just won't do.

A wine made from local varieties (Müller, Veltliner and Vlašák from the Sahara and Slovak vineyards) that were always put together when making weekday wine (tramín was only drunk hodobóžovo on Sundays, wasn't it). It's logical - these varieties didn't ferment, so the resulting wine was low in alcohol and drinkable. Plus, they have a solid yield, so there was plenty of wine. And they're neutral, so there's no aggressive aromas to bother you. Just the perfect combo for this kind of everyday drinking.

By the way, because of this stylish approachability, Bel is our only wine where we add sulfur (about 30 mg/L total SO2). I don't take sulphur as dogma - it's good in Bel, without it the wine wouldn't have the character it has.

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