Wine tasting diary (A5)

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The Tasting Diary is a unique tasting aid designed for beginners and professionals alike. It helps you to find out what you like and allows you to compare the wines you taste. It makes you think about the glass as you write it down and brings a sporty touch to the tasting. Writing a notation develops cognitive function and enhances the overall tasting experience. Apps be damned, the touchscreen will never match the magic of paper and pencil. Involve your friends in the tasting, make it a game and add a new dimension to exploration. It includes an informative introduction and its size makes it more suitable for home tasting.
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Make yourself comfortable and record in your journal all the amazing bottles that cross your path. With the A5 Wine Tasting Diary, you'll be the master of your tastes and memory forever. Discover the stories behind each wine and control your tastes by naming them

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